The national health check-up in Korea is a life cycle health checkup. Korea is the only country that has a system to conduct lifelong health checkups for all citizens.

The health check-up in Korea begins with a health checkup for infants and children(14days after birth). Along with visual and auditory examinations and physical measurements are taken, and examinations are taken for 8 times before entering to elementary school.  Depending on age, oral and BMI(body mass index) tests are added.

People can receive very valuable health information if people receive regular checkups from a young age and have all the body measurements. For example, even if a baby who weighted 90% of their age at 3 years old had an average of 50% at 7 years old, it should not be safe. SInce the weight gain curve did not grow along 90% of their same age group, a different evaluation should be made than babies who maintained 50% of all ages from 3 to 7. There may have been nutritional problem s in the meantine, therefore in case, a detailed examination such as metabolic disorders is necessary. This is why the basic program of national health checkups should be constantly tested.

Korean medical check-up system is the corresponding test programs which are added step by step with each aging group. Adolescent health checkups include blood tests and checst radiology, and general health checkups and six major cancer screening begin at the age of 20s. Cancer screening starts at different times depending on the type of cervical cancer age of 20s adn lung cancer age of 54. At the age of 66, cognitive tests to prevent dementia are also included.

As a result of accumulating various medical data through national health checkups, stomach cancer is Korea is the country having best treatment result in the world. Early stage of stomach cancer is asymptomatic in over 80% of cases, therefore early detection through regular health checkups is very important. Gastric endoscopy, which is given every 2 years for citizens over age of 40s, has become a universal test program conducted by general clinics, starting with the Hanaro Medical Foundation, the first medical examination institution in Korea.

This systematic health check-up system is envied by many countries around the world.  The "Hannyo Health Examination Center" in Hangzhou, China is a joint Korean-Chinese health examination center established at the request of China. THis is a representative case of the Hanaro Medical Foundation's first export of Korean premium health check-up system to China. Like this, it could bring along Korea's life-cycle health check-up system which is leading the way in the international community, Koreans can detect cancer in earlier stage, full recovery of cancer or change their lifestyle by knowing the possibility of adult diseases in advances and living a healthy life. It can be seen that the national health checkup benefit is that the average life expectancy of the Korean people now exceeds 80s.

Healthy lifestyle and regular health checkups are essential above all in order to live long and healthy. In addition as well as  basic health check-up program ,most disease can be prevented and live healthily if additional detailed tests are performed according to family history and symptoms.

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