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Stomach cancer is the most common cancer in Korea. It is attributed to some genetic characteristic and eating salty food habits of Korean. According to the '2017 National Cancer Registration Statistics(Ministry of Health and Welfare)", stomach cancer patients ranked first with 12.8% of all cancer patients. Fortunately, if stomach caner is found and treated in early stage, the possibility of complete recovery is high and the 5years surviral rate reaches 75.4%. If it is found earlier stage, it can be removed with an endoscope without gastric resection, and it is not severe, laparoscopic surgery is possible with a small incision.

Ilsan Cha hospital has built a 'one-stop system' to diagnose quickly and treat stomach cancer, the number one incidence rate in Korea. In order to improve treatment outcomes, the best treatment is decided in cooperation with various departments. In particular, it is also working on 'nutrition management', which has a great influence on the prognosis after stomach cancer surgery.
According to Professor Yoon-young, Choi of the department of gastrointestinal surgery at Ilsan Cha Hospital , "The treatment of stomach cancer does not end only when the cancer cells are removed." and also he said "We are even helping the management of patients so that they can fully recover after surgery."

◇treatment and examination in the same day , immediate surgery within one week

Stomach cancer patients have no choice but must spend time under anxiety. The reason is that if the treatment schedule is depayed, the size of tumor may get bigger in the meantime. Ilsan Cha Hospital provides a 'one-stop service' that performs a procedure or surgery within a week after diagnosis to minimize the patient's anxiety. According to Professor Yoon-young,Choi, " There are studies that show that emotional anxiety can increase if it takes more than a month for the treatment', and also he said if you have a diagnosis, it is important to start treatment as soon as possible."

Ilsan Cha hospital offers multidisciplinary treatment by ▲Gastroenterology ▲Surgery ▲Radiology ▲Pathology ▲Radiation Oncology ▲Nuclear Medicine to establish an appropriate treatment strategy according to the individual patient's condition and cancer progress.
After that, a surgeon with abundant clinical experience performs the operation. In the case of end-stage of stomach cancer or advanced stage of stomach caner, which accounts for about 10% of all stomach cancers, active chemotherapy, target therapy are used to obtain the best therapeutic effect.
According to Professor Yoon-young,Chois," Korea's stomach cancer treatment results are the world No.1" and "do not be discouraged that cancer has occurred, but he hopes patients will overcome it through active treatment.

If stomach cancer is found in an earlier stage, only the cancerous area can be remobed by using an endoscope without removing the stomach. However, if the cancer has spread to the surrounding area or lymph node metastasis is suspected, surgery to remove the stomach and peripheral lymph nodes together which is necessary. In the past, stomach cancer surgery has been performed by opening the stomach, but recently minimal invasive surgery has become possible to remove cancer through 4 to holes less than 1cm using equipment such as laparoscope and a robotic procedure. While the treatment results are the same as those existing open surgery, it has the advantage of quick recovery after surgery and less complications such as wound infections. The incision area is small, leaving almost no scars. At Ilsan Cha hospital, 100% minimally invasive is performed for early stage of stomach cancer.

◇Managing'nutrition' after surgery is as important as surgery

Many patients lose more than 10% of their weight after stomach cancer surgery to remove the stomach. As a result of analyzing the relationship between the nutritional status and prognosis of stomach cancer patients before and after surgery, Professor,Yoon-young Choi confirmed that the postoperative weight and nutritional status were related to the surgical prognosis.
Even if the nutirional status was not good before the surgery, the prognosis was not bad if the nutritional status improved after the surgery. This means that maintaining proper weight and maintaining healthy nutrition after stomach cancer surgery is just as important as surgery.

Ilsan Cha Hospital works closely with the nursing team and nutrition team to maintain the best nutritional status of patients after stomach cancer treatment. According to the patient's ▲nutrition status ▲total resection/partial resection ▲after surgery, customized diets are provided and active education is provided. Meal guidelines for stomach cancer patients will also be created and distributed. Professor Choi said, "If you ask patients to eat porridge all the time, it will be difficult," he said. "We will try to provide practical diets to maintain healthy eating habits."

Meanwhile, to diagnose stomach cancer, a gastroscopy must be performed. According to professor Yoon-young Choi, " if a patient do not have any unusual symptoms, the patients can get a checkup every two years with the national health checkups." However, if a patient have a family history of stomach cancer, have had problem with previous examinations or have heartburn or dyspeptic symptoms, Professor Chois recommend a patient to get it earlier and more often.

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