As medical technology develops, changes in vision correction is apparently outstanding. Along with the existing LASIK surgery and LASEK surgery, the vision correction method called smile Lasik has emerged, bringing along attention.

Previously LASIK surgery and LASEK surgery have been cited as representative methods of vision correction. LASIK surgery is a method of producing corneal fragments and then investigating lasers on corneal parenchyma to correct vision. In particular, the advantage is that the pain is less after surgery and the effect of rapid vision recovery can be achieved.

LASEK surgery is a principle that peels off corneal epithelium thinly without making corneal fragments and then examines the laser on corneal parenchyma. It is suitable for people with think cornea, but has a low infection rate compared to LASIK which can reduce the risk of post side effects.

The problem is that LASIK and LASEK surgeries are difficult to apply to patients with thin cornea or high myopia. Smile LASIK is considered as an effective alternative to LASIK and LASEK surgery. This is because it is vision correction technique that separates only the real parts without cutting the cornea surface or opening the surface. Smile LASIK is an operation that minimizes 2 to 4mm incision of corneal surface and corneal damages is minimal. And also since corneal fragments are not made, side effects such as infection and dry eye syndrome are less difficult.

Moreover, another strong point is that people can return to their daily lives in one day after surgery. It is also effective for busy workers as they can wash their face, shower and make-up the day after surgery.

And also,"The Safe Smile LASIK," which is performed during the Smile LASIK process, is also considered an advantage of the smile surgery. The Safe Smile LASIK is an operation that can permanently preserve corneal tissue without any damages. The ophthalmology department operates its own "Cornea Bank" system, a cryogenic refrigeration system, to implement the Safe Smile LASIK. Especially, it has a liquid nitrogen tank of -196 degrees to preserve cornea. Therefore, if a side effect occur, it can be restored to the pre-operative state at anytime.

According to Huh Dal-woong, director of Samsung Eye Center, "Smile LASIK is called the next-generation vision correction thus, we need to carefully examine it before confirming the surgery because only proven equipment and highly experienced medical staff can perform it." and also said " The Safe Smile LASIK which can separate and preserve cornea, is also rare therefore, we need to be careful about our choices, the reason is that there are few ophthalmology clinics that have the infrastructure to operate cryogenic liquid nitrogen tanks.