As cosmetic surgery has become more common, the number of re-surgical cases is increasing. Re-surgery may be caused by a variety of side effects, but it can also be possible if the result of the surgery is not satisfied.

When a patient consider plastic surgery for re-operation, there is an appropriate timing for surgery in each area. The eye re-surgery is carried out in those cases, such as not being able to close eyes, asymmetrical eyes, loosening of double eyelids, and excessive thickness of double eyelids. Usually, six month after the first surgery, the operated tissue stabilizes and the redness of the surgical site disappears.

However, if the results are not good immediately straight after the surgery, re-surgery of the eye can be performed within two weeks before the scar hardens. if a patient have inflammation, it is possible after it has completely subsided. However, since there are individual differences, it is desirable to consult a plastic surgeon for accurate diagnosis.

Re-surgery of the nose is also recommended aft er the tissue is sufficiently stable. Usually six month after, swelling in the area of surgery subsides and tissue stabilizes. The nose may look bent when the swelling is low immediately after surgery, therefore a patient should wait until the swelling is gone before deciding on a second operation.

However, if the prosthesis is crooked or the tip of the nose is asymmetric, it should be considered to be corrected as soon as possible. This is because if it was left for more than 6 months after the first surgery, tissues such as the tip of nose or cartilage can be abnormally deformed. In particular, the nose should be re-opened with full consideration of the functional as well as the cosmetic part of reason.

It is desirable to have  breast re-operation period between 6 months and 1 year after the previous surgery. This is because it takes some time for the shape and tissue of the breast to get settled to a certain extent. However, if the prosthesis has been damaged or altered, it is better to visit the hospital and find a solution as soon as possible.

Most importantly, it is to figure out the exact cause of re-surgery in any part  and plan for surgery. In particular, re-surgical surgery has much more burden on patients compared to the first surgery. Therefore, sufficient consultation with the medical staff should be conducted before re-surgery and see if the medical staff staff has various surgical experiences. This is because re- surgical surgery is more complicated and has a higher chance of side effects than the first surgery.

Moreover, it is also important to make sure whether the hospital is well equipped with professional anesthetic team and safety systems.

Advised by No Yong-Joon, Director of Banobagi plastic surgery

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