The nose is an important part of the face that makes a three dimensional effect and gives a stable impression. A slight change in height or shape completely changes the outline or overall atmosphere of the face. Therefore, Asian with relatively low noses and blunt noses often consider rhinoplasty to create a refined image and a clear impression.

There are the typical shape of rhinoplasty including an upturned nose, hooked nose,round shaped nose, and crooked nose. Considering the shape of the nose, features and constitution of the body, the proper prosthesis should be inserted and a safe surgical method. In the past, there was a tendency to prefer the shape of the nose unconditionally higher and higher. Recently, nose surgery does not just raise the nose bridge, but also raises the tip of the nose together to pursue a natural look and a prominent line at the same time.

Surgical methods for an upturned nose, it varies depending on the extend of the nose tip, and it is important to extend the length of the shorter nose and trim the tip of the nose to make it more pretty. In other words, the cartilage at the tip of the nose is lowered downwards, raising the nose balance and making the tip of the nose stiff.

In the case of hooked nose, it is recommended that the protruding nose bone and cartilage has to be cut at the same time and that the hardened nose tip should be corrected. In particular, the nose bridge is usually a combination of bone and cartilage, thus it should be removed together.

A round nose at the tip of the nose is also a common type for Asians. The main reason why the tip of the nose looks blunt is the thickness of the skin at the tip of the nose or the develpment of cartilage at the tip of the nose, which makes the nose sleek by removing subcutaneous fat, soft tissue or trimming the cartilage into small pieces.

It is also important to take care of your nose after rhinoplasty is done. Therefore it is necessary to check whether the hospital carries out systematic follow-up treatment service. This is because even a good plastic surgery can take a long time to recover if follow-up treatment service is not carried out properly.

In addition, it is also necessary to accurately identify the anesthesia system of the medical institution undergoing surgery and whether emergency medical equipment is provided for emergency cases or not.

Advised by No Yong-Joon, Director of Banobagi plastic surgery

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