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There is a disease that does not threaten life, but it might threaten the quality of women's life. It is called 'myoma uteri' of 40~50 percent of women aged 35 or older. The problem is that myoma uteri itself can cause uncomfortable symptoms, but it can also increase the possibility of infertility and miscarriage. Various treatment exist depending on the patient's situation such as perserving fertility so a patient should choose appropriat method of treatment.

◇possible period for being pregnant, it is important to preserve the uterus as much as possible.

Although myoma uteri, which has no symptoms, is monitored for progress, treatment is needed if there are symptoms such as  ▲urinary frequency  ▲excess bleeding during period ▲anemia  ▲infertility  ▲repeated miscarriage. If myoma is in the positon where fertilized eggs should be implanted or if it prevents sperm from reaching the egg by blocking the dicciculty, it causes infertility. In this case, it is important to preserve and remove the uterus as much as possible. According to Na young-jung, director of the uterine myoma  center at ilsan cha hospital,"As the age of the disease has decreased, the numver of patients who need to preserve the uterus has increased," In addition " the center is making efforts to preserve the uterus as much as possbile and lead to pregnancy.

The exact cause of uterine myoma is not yet known. However, it is known that it is related to female hormones called estrogen and progestorone in the body. Obesity and family history are risk factors. Earliy detection is important to maintain fertility, thus regular ultrasound testing is recommended once every one or two years.

◇Concern "what the patients to wish for method of treatment"

Ilsan Cha hospital 's uterine myoma center contemplates " the treatment patients want " together so that patients can get the best satisfaction. Depending on the patient's wishes, they can choose various treatment options, such as whether they want to get away from the pain caused by uterine myoma, whether they want to return to their daliy life as soon as possible, whether they want a scarless surgery as possible or whethe r they want to somehow maintain fertility.

▷Robotic surgery = Laparoscopic surgery using a robot with a joint can be performed very delicately. It has similar stability to open surgery, taking advantage of laproscopic surgery with fewer incisions.

▷Laparoscopic resection = as with laparoscopic surgery, the incision site is small and the pain and recovery period is fast. The disadvantage is that it is less precise than robotic surgery.

▷Hysterotrachelectomy = Surgical tools are inserted in to the vagina and cervix to remove uterine myoma, It is performed when a subclinoma of the uterus protrudes inside the endometrium.

▷Embolization of uterine myoma = the procedure blocks blood supply by blocking blood supply and necrosis of myoma. It is effective when smal myoma is widespread.

▷Exablate(MR Hippu) = The procedure is for doctors to selevtively burn uterine myoma while looking at MRI. The advantage is that a patient don't have to operate, nut htere is a risk of relapse because it doesn't completely eliminate myoma.

Ilsan Cha Hospital's uterine myoma center has increased the range and satisfaction of patients as it allows all methods of surgery and procedures. Na Young-jung who is haed of center said "uterine myoma needs 'customized treatment' depending on individual situations," and also said "the purpose of the center is to choose the most appropriate treatment based on patient's opinions."

◇A 'multi-disciplinary medical system' that helps complete recovery

The Ilsan Cha Hospital uterine myoma center, which has more than 0 to 20 years of experience, including Na Yong-jung, a 30- year authority and medical staff brings together specialists such as obsterics,imaging, radiation and tumor, infertility centers, psychiatry rehabilitation medicine and internal medicine to provide "one-stop treatment." Although the uterus does not have the fundction of secretion of female hormones, psychological counselling is also provided for women who aare under stress because they are considered "loss" of women.

Especially for women who want to maintain fertility, the impact of treatment of pregnancy is fully explained. Even after treatment, she cooperate with infertility centers to help them try to conceive in various ways. Na young-jung , director of the center said " this process is the most appropriate area to be implemented at Ilsan Cha Hospital, which is leading the treatment of infertility," in adtion, "it will be a hospital that constantly considers difficult treatments so that patients can get satisfactory treatment processes and results."

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