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Lee Moon Won Korean Medicine Clinic 이문원 한의원

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Doctor & Staff : 6
Beds : 6
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Address : 3F Lee&Yu B/D, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu,Seoul, Korea

Hospital Description

Lee Moon Won Oriental Clinic has become known worldwide as an expert in the hair loss treatment and baldness, which is based on methods of Korean Traditional medicine. The Clinic staff is making every effort to provide the best medical services to its customers. Lee Moon Won Oriental Clinic up to this day remains a brilliant embodiment of prestige and personality in the field of Trichology. LMW is not simply Korean Traditional medicine. It is an intertwining of knowledge in which Dr. Lee Moon Won could apply the scientific approach and innovation methods in this field.

LMW is a whole system, the effectiveness of which has been perfected by Dr. Lee Moon Won, who was able to combine the valuable gifts of nature and science.

The Lee Moon Won Oriental Clinic never stops in achieving its goals and objectives:
GOAL #1. Providing modern and scientific treatment methods for diseases of the scalp and hair.
GOAL #2. Laboratory studies on safety of medical drugs for the treatment of scalp and hair diseases
GOAL #3. Constant research on the improvement of medical products for scalp and hair diseases.
GOAL #4. Individual selection of medicinal products based on diagnostic data and other test results.


■ Various procedures available for foreign patients
○ Treatment of male / female hair loss
○ Treatment of scalp diseases
○ Hair loss-inducing diseases

Other Services

Tax free service / delivery (EMS) discount (50%)


• Awarded by Minister of Health and Welfare (2014)
• 3 patents related to hair loss treatment

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